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It provides additional leverage for turning keys in a lock or car ignition.

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Key Holder is as keys need to be inserted inside the keyhole with precision and then turned by applying a significant force, it is sometimes difficult to use for people with low dexterity, especially senior citizens. Also, when the hand is weak and lacks adequate strength, holding something as small as a key and using it to unlock is quite difficult. Pedder Johnson Key Holder is an excellent solution to make things easier for such people. It can hold many keys together and thus one can have all the important keys which are needed on a daily basis with the help of this key holder. It is designed in a way that enhances the precision and applies additional pressure with which a person turns the key

Benefits of Use:

  • Improves the ability to turn keys in a better way with more strength.
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic design which provides a better grip of the key.
  • Can hold multiple keys at once.
  • Using the Pedder Johnson Key Holder is extremely simple and convenient, which makes it ideal for senior citizens.
  • Provides more strength while turning the key.
  • Holds the key straight while inserting and turning inside a lock.
  • Lessens the wrist pain for patients suffering from arthritis in the wrist area.

When to Use:

Meant to be used majorly by senior citizens who lack the ability to hold small objects like keys.
Can also be used for car keys while turning on the ignition or opening its door as it requires a high amount of pressure.


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