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Disposable Adult Bibs by Pedder Johnson – Convenient, light weight clothing protector. Comfortably ties behind the neck by using the straps. Protects clothing from food stains.

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Pedder Johnson Adult Bib is a high quality bib which protects the clothes from food stains while feeding people with disabilities, the physically challenged or more often senior citizens. Senior citizens usually need a family member or a caretaker to feed them and this is where Pedder Johnson Adult Bib helps them do that. The Pedder Johnson Adult Bib is available in a set of 10 which is essential for those who use it daily.


  • Protect the clothes of the user from getting stained while feeding food.
  • Extremely lightweight which is helpful for senior citizens as it is comfortable around their neck.

When to Use:

They are widely used in nursing home facilities where most of the patients depend on their family members or nurses to feed them. It can also be used for senior citizens who are going through some ailment which has made them unable to eat food by themselves. The Pedder Johnson Adult Bib could be used by anyone for protecting their clothes from food stains when being fed.

Country of Origin: India


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