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Beech Wood Shower Bench made of high quality wood and Stainless steel bench designed for safe bathing

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Pedder Johnson Bath Bench is also known as a shower bench which is made up of high quality wood and stainless steel bench. It is designed for safe bathing as a transfer bench is a bath safety mobility device on which the user sits on to get into a bathtub. The user usually sits on the bench, which straddles the side of the tub, and gradually slides from the outside to the inside of the tub. Bathtub bench is a type of bath seat that is wide enough to extend to, or over, the bathtub wall. It function is to give users a place to rest while bathing and helps to make getting in and out of the bathtub easier and safer. The bathtub bench effectively creates a bridge between the inside and outside of the tub, making it possible to sit down on the seat when we are still standing outside of the tub, thereby reducing the need to step over the bathtub wall.

Country of Origin: India


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