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Arm Crutch Set by Pedder Johnson is a light weight crutch that features full cuffs, combining comfort with support.Height adjustments are secured with durable metal pins.

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Accidents, injuries, post recuperative surgeries and old age often lead people to rely on mechanical aids for mobility. Pedder JohnsonArm Crutch Set takes the weight of the user, provides them with a firm support on the floor/ground, and gives them balance and makes it easier and effortless to walk and cuff at the top, these crutches give easier handling and support. These crutches are prescribed by the orthopedic doctors often, due to their ability to provide additional support to the body.

Usage Guidelines:

The affected leg should stay with the crutches.
Move the affected leg forwards with the crutches and then swing the good leg through in a forward motion.
If on steps or stairs, keep in mind to accelerate with the normal leg initial and follow with the unhealthy leg and the crutches.
When descending the steps or stairs, make sure that the unhealthy leg leads once walking with crutches


  • Full cuffs
  • Combining comfort with support
  • Height adjustable
  • Durable metal pins
  • Country of Origin: China

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