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A tapered front relieves thigh pressure and promotes proper leg position.

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The unique polymer gel molecular structure in this coccyx seat cushion allows it to behave differently under pressure than foam springs or fibrous material. In foam, the tiny cells compress under pressure.

People suffering from tailbone injury often find it difficult to sit on normal seats. Thus, they tend to search for coccyx support, one which is U shaped and cut from the centre to avoid inflammatory pain in the tailbone area. The SOI Gel Coccyx Support is a 100% Gel based support, which will not only support the patient but also remain intact for years, due to its gel cushioning. The unique polymer gel molecular structure permits it to perform differently under pressure than foam, springs, or fibrous material. The Pro-gel polymer material and cushion design allow sitting pressure to flow away from areas of utmost pressure, minimizing pain and discomfort.


  • Orthopedic gel coccyx seat cushion
  • Sloping wedge shape
  • Coccyx cut-out for tailbone/balls gel sheet
  • Pressure releasing corrugated / balls gel sheet
  • Removable black fabric zippered cover Carry handle makes it easy to carry


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