Easyfone Marvel Plus


  • A dual sim & 2.4″ screen easyfone with over 20+ senior friendly feature
  • easy to hold
  • easy to dial
  • Loud & clear sound
  • Dedicated SOS Button
  • to help your beloved elders stay connected, independent & safe…
  • ¬†large size & rubberized finish for comfortable holding & grip
  • Unique Photo Dial – 8 Photo Contacts to dial favorite people without having to use the address book.
  • Large & separated keys with large fonts
  • Backlit keypad
  • Very large font size on screen while dialing numbers Backlit keypad
  • Talking keypad to give you confidence while dialing numbers
  • 2.4″ screen Dual SIM easyfone Marvel+ has been specially designed to help your elder parents stay independent, stay connected & stay safe.
  • Coe with a dock charger (in addition to a normal charger) that makes charging so simple, that a 4-year old can use it, so that your beloved elders phones are always charged & connected including in emergencies
  • The easyfone New Marvel+ comes with over 20+ senior-friendly features many of which are unique to easyfone, which makes it really easy to hold, to dial, to hear, to charge and to get help quickly in an emergency.


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